Routing Effect Returns in Reason 7

By Tom on Aug 01, 2014 in Production , Reason - 0 Comments

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Converting Stereo audio tracks into mono in Reason 7

By Tom on Jul 23, 2014 in Blog , Production , Reason - 0 Comments

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Producer Vs. Beatmaker

By Tom on Jul 16, 2014 in Blog , Production - 0 Comments

There is much debate as to who is the one that produces a song. Is it the person that makes the music i.e. the beatmaker or is it the person that is in the studio with the artist developing the sound and structure of the finished song.  This is less of an issue in the rock and pop genres as it is in the Hip Hop and R&B genres. So the big debate is who gets the what credit on the record and how important is that credit really. But first lets break down what Producer does and what a Beatmaker does. Read More »

Flip this Fridays ep.1- Cause i Love You

By Tom on May 23, 2014 in Flip this Fridays , Production , Reason - 0 Comments


In this video we take a sample of  Lenny Williams- Cause I Love You and flip it into a hip hop beat.

The drum loop is from the Loopmasters - Lack Of Afro Presents Analogue Soul refill 

Kong’s Chunk Trig

By Tom on May 13, 2014 in Reason - 0 Comments

In this video i show how to import a song from iTunes into Reason 7 and chop it up and bounce in to a new rex file, to be used in the Kong drum designer and have all the slices across all 16 pads.


Your Online Home

By Tom on May 10, 2014 in Music Marketing - 0 Comments

Where does your music live online?  Is Facebook and other social site good enough?house-online

One of the most important things your band can do is be where your fans are, so why should you have your own website?  Well first of all some social sites don’t even let your fans see all your post, other social site move so fast your post has  gone by before it was even posted. Having your own website gives you total control over your message and your band.  So many artist don’t want to be on a major label because they don’t have any say on the final release of there projects  and social site are just the same. Read More »

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